Thursday, June 19, 2014

Serving, Leaping, Waiting.....


You awake in the middle of the night and feel me watching you. You hear me whispering in your ear of what I want you to do next for me. My words hang in the air from our last conversation. You lie still with only your cock twitching, yearning to be touched and fondled.  You close your eyes not wanting the image of me fading, knowing I'm not really there.  Or am I?  You'd rather believe that I am.

Sleep has left and you're awake with my instructions filling you thoughts. "Shave everything. Harness yourself, then pose in a way that I can show them all what is mine. "

Images flash before you of different possibilities. You rise and prepare yourself as instructed. You start to feel cold, nervous, your stomach starts to churn and fear of rejection begins to plague you. As you finish all preparation and pose you take a deep breath and pull the trigger for the shot. Pleased that your cock feeds on your fear.  And then you wait.  Feeling as if you've leaped from a high cliff into a cold body of water. You wait for my response to pull you by the balls from the deep and bring you to the surface once again.


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