Sunday, June 29, 2014

Men are Hunters ... And other fables!

Let Me Make This Very Clear!

I was having a conversation with someone the other day and to his defense, he's very new when it comes to the D/s lifestyle.  We were talking about relationships, men and women and he made a comment which set me back and reminded me why I no longer associate myself with the vanilla world.  He said as a come back to some information I was sharing with him about a relationship, "Men are hunters."  It's probably good we were texting because he would not have wanted to see the look of disgust on my face when he said that.  My response back to him was, "That's BS!"

So, What the Fuck does that mean!  Really?!  The first thing that came to my mind was the 'cave man' hit woman over head and drag her away!  Or 'he needs to hunt you down, so play coy and don't be so easy to catch'.  I hate games and game playing is part of what is wrong in a society that has people living in the closet with their desires and existing in meaningless relationships because they got lost in some fucking role they thought they should play.  Men are not only hunters, but CEO's, plumbers, doctors, engineers.... It's a profession, career...nothing to do with relationships. To lump every man into that old patriarchal culture is BS!

Women have careers of many types including being hunters! I am a dominant woman and in the relationship/sexual arena I am the hunter. And whatever man I may be scoping out had better not play coy or any games with me.  I require honesty, vulnerability and surrender as they recognize who has them in their grip and why.  Male dominants can also be hunters.  It's about the wiring and makeup of the person, not the gender.

I hunt submissive men. It's who I am and who I'm attracted to. A beautiful man who is strong enough to know his desires and strong enough to relinquish his control of them to me. Not a doormat, but a pillar of masculinity longing to surrender.  He is drawn to my honesty, openness and trusts me with his secrets. Coyness and games from me are not what this man seeks.

It is I who captured you.

Be thankful that I wanted you in the first place.


  1. Preach, Sister!


  2. The 'man as hunter' narrative and other similar binary gender distinctions, are simply a reflection of the extent to which our culture is contaminated by patriarchal ideology.

    The false doctrine of macho 'masculinity' places men on a Procrustean bed that turns them into emotional amputees. Men who do not conform to stereotype and adopt a 'submissive' role are particularly severely sanctioned.

    These distinctions, alienate us from the rich diversity of our humanity, and deserve to be subverted, both by submissive men, and the strong women who seek them.

    1. Beautifully stated! Thank you for chiming in with your lovely words and wisdom.

      Let's tear down that perception!

      ~ Vista


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