Friday, August 9, 2013

It's not about Denial, but about Control.

The sound of your arousal explodes against my senses with electric feelings rushing down through my veins.  Having had you come inside me twice already in the last 30 mins; seeing you reclining upon the bed beside me, exhausted, your cock, flaccid and resting; I reach for you once again and hear your deep sigh.  You know I haven't had enough for the night.

Why would I desire to deny myself the enjoyment and entertainment of pushing you to your orgasmic edge over and over and eventually feel and hear your body scream and convulse through it's final release?  Your cock belongs to me and me alone.  I decide when it gets to enjoy the warmth of my warm tight walls wrapped around him or the feel of my mouth encasing your shaft as my tongue dances along it's long and thick length.

I love how you struggle to hold back, veins filling with blood, and eventually giving in and wondering if there is any more of your seed left to spill.  Then from a place you never knew existed inside you comes a deep roar as the last of that hidden seed finds it's way to escape out of your sensitive slit. By now you're 1/3 off the bed, grabbing onto the legs of the near by nightstand and holding on, your fingers tightly wrapped around it's legs.  You hear a scream and realize it's your own as you feel my mouth continue to move up and down your shaft and my hands pumping the last of your seed from your drained balls.

I look up at the exhaustion spreading over your face as you tell me you can't open your eyes. They've been held tightly for to long.  Why would I deny myself such a spectacular show of lust and passion. I'm too selfish to deny myself that pleasure.  And with each orgasm, I own you a little bit more.

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