Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fire Fighters! Damn Sexy!

Well... I must admit...I adore sexy male fire fighters! They live their lives on the edge, risking their safety for ours and you just can't deny that these testosterone, adrenaline junkies need some 'on the edge' type of release!

Below are some carefully picked images from my folder from one of my FF. This is the adorable, lovely Silver Fox. I haven't written about him, but he's been in my life for over a year now. Hard to believe. Our relationship, sadly, is long distance. But we're both hoping soon that will change and the distance won't be such a problem.  And yes, NB knows all about Silver Fox.  Silver Fox is often the topic of many of NB's and my fantasies.

Silver Fox loves to be objectified, sending me many naughty pics of him in compromising positions and sharing many of his desires and fantasies with me in the dark evening hours.  Along with details of many of his threesome adventures.  : )  Yes, Silver Fox plays well with another man in the mix.  No homo-phobia with this delicious morsel!  Which endears him even more to me.

He's hungry and very submissive.  Also picky, which makes his devotion to me intoxicating.  I have his permission to post these pics and know it will make his week!  Much love to you SF!  You always warm my heart and make me smile.

XXOO ... Your loving Vista



I love that ass!!!!

Just another peak at this delicious morsel!

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