Friday, March 22, 2013

Secret Paths and Dark Shadows

Vulnerability, openness, raw communication and honesty. Some of the paths to intimacy. Emotions shared that run so deep that they cut your breath and make your heart tremble while you recount their details. Emotions and visions etched in your mind, heart and soul, birthed in childhood trauma, formed and rooted in your thoughts and sexual drive.  Thoughts so dark you've kept them to yourself and wore a mask most of your life, looking for that safe place to reveal your true identity. Who would love you if they knew you were not the man you presented to the world. If they knew the visions that sent blood rushing to your cock, your skin breaking out in a cold sweat and heat filling you with desire.  Nothing illegal, just thoughts not accepted by those who surround your everyday life.  You go through life carrying these dark shadows, wondering if there is anyone to walk the secrets paths with you, hold your hand as together you face those shadows one by one. Then when you thought it could never be, she is there. 

Her words shine a light into your darkness and she draws you close with her scent. You share, a little at first, then with each revealing and her acceptance you reveal more until you find yourself heady and walking down the secrets paths with her by your side. She draws you closer to her warmth and you both take steps toward shadows you've never shared. Mixed emotions start to fill your heart. Fear that you may walk into the darkness and lose your way.  Fear that ahead is a bottomless abyss, the same one that calls out to you in the night. Fear that you'll like the darkness and not want to go back.  But also hope that you've found the one who will walk with you and share in your fears, open your thoughts and share in your desires. 

Amazement starts to fill your being as you find the depth of the shadows to be much deeper than you had imagined as she leads you along the way.  It's the safety in her arms, her touch, her intoxicating aroma and her words that give you courage to explore it's depths.  The power she seems to hold over you, to take you to places you feared to acknowledge even existed.  But they were there, always living in your dreams. You feel her strength take your hand and you are led down those secrets paths, toward those dark shadows and are no longer afraid. You feel the false identities fall away, and in her presence you find peace. All of your unconventional ways and needs unconditionally accepted by this woman who sees right through you, instinctively knows you and still loves you.  In fact she needs you ... just the way you are. For you have shed a light upon her secret paths and exposed her own hidden dark shadows. 

Together you have found stability.  Together life has more meaning.  Confidence and courage have replaced uncertainty and doubt. Passion has taken on new meaning and intimacy finally has a form.

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