Sunday, March 24, 2013

When a Man Presents His Ass......

No sweetheart, my desire to fuck your ass and your final willingness to present it to me does not make you gay. The fact that God designed your body that the best way for me to stimulate your prostate is through your ass is an issue you can someday take up with Him.  Other than that, enjoy the ride.  

Someday, and soon I hope, this will no longer be a stumbling block for straight men. Until then if you have a man in your life who seems timid about you exploring in his dark uncharted waters, it's up to you to open the gate to heaven for him.  And gently!  Strap-ons and toys are great, but before I use them I love using my fingers, gloved and all lubed up so I can feel his body responding to my touch as I use my other hand to play with his cock and balls. 

If you have been following my blog you'll remember the journey of bringing NB to this place of readiness. Well during our last visit to Vegas he finally surrendered all and it was worth the wait! It was glorious because he was ready, still a little timid, but at my very first touch of his sweet ass he opened up willingly!  He became so lost in the experience and I'm glad I was so patient with him. Sweet, hot memories.  And only the beginning!

Once men break through the mind set of sexual orientation being connected to a sexual act they can put pleasure in it's rightful place. Gay men are wonderful. Men who are bi I find very hot and intriguing. And straight men who have become free and sexually driven can be talked into a lot under the right circumstances.  ( Evil grin. )

I'm not going to go out on limb and say every man needs to get into anal play.  But I am saying to understand why you are saying no to it.  It's not a deal breaker for me and those I chose to have in my life. I have NB and he fills many of my kinky needs.  But it is a bonus.  As much as society tries to change who we are, we are sexual beings.  Our bodies will show that every time you relax and let it!

Below is a great video I ran across today that proves that very thing!  Here is a man with a very responsive body!  No matter what the surroundings!  Embrace your humanity!  Life is hard enough. Embrace that you have avenues of release!


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