Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Intoxication of a Mature Man

I know it may seem that I have an addiction to young beautifully built men as can be seen by my 'Saturday Eye Candy' pics!  But they are just that to me...Eye Candy.  Yummy morsels to scan and enjoy.  But when it comes to the intoxicating feeling I can get from the image of a man...give me a mature man every time!

Their bodies are well seasoned and marked from the journey it has been on.  Stories of their past unfolds as they move underneath your hands and respond to your touch. Mature men know how to use their body to respond to that touch; are well aware of their own trigger points and have hopefully learned how to use their cock to tease and satisfy a woman.  No matter it's length or girth.  His fingers know when to be gentle and when to push and prod with passion while he encourages the beauty from a woman.

But even more intoxicating is the mind and soul of a mature man.  His eyes reveal his acquired knowledge of life through joys, triumph and heartache.  His heart breaks through in times of passion with secrets learned from many journeys and whispers them gently in your ear.  He's more comfortable in his skin and unashamedly shows it off...even if not perfect.  And he's hopefully learned the skill of how to look into the soul of a woman and find the treasure and call it forth.

Such is the intoxication I find in the form, mind and soul of mature men.

Below: Some 'Mature Eye Candy'.... ;)

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