Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hearts and Red Threads

Maybe you have notice, I know I have, that in your lifetime there are those people that seem to show up unexpectedly in your life and you know from the very first meeting that somehow they will have an impact on you and you on them.  I use to be naive enough to think that it was always a 'good' impact ... but as 'impacts' go some can leave you harmed and broken.  And maybe those have come to teach us lessons we need to learn in life. I don't know. But the majority of the people who have come into my life have blessed and enriched my life and hopefully they found the same true as far as my 'impact' on them.

Both of these images came across my Tumblr dashboard today and they both speak volumes to me. The first about the Red Thread connecting those who we are destined to meet and have them in our life.  Maybe only for a few days, maybe for months, years and for some a lifetime. Most of us can look back and point to those who have had this impact on us from the very first meeting. Some are people we go into business with, some are kindred spirits that have come to encourage and remind us of our goals and destiny.  Some become best friends, teachers, confidants and some, lovers. They are rarely forgotten.  They leave their mark on our souls.

But the best are the lovers. Hearts that are going about their daily business, unknowingly on a path that will intersect with the other, caused by that Red Thread.  And it seems immediately there is a 'knowing' about each other from the first look of the eyes or the combination of words put together in a sentence and conversations that say to your heart, "You are familiar to me."  And both hearts sense the connection. These are the connections in life with others that make life bearable in stressful and tough times.  They are the glue that holds our personal world together and gives us a reason to wake up each morning.

Celebrate those who are special gifts that are meant to enrich your life. Learn from those who may give you grief, but are still a gift nonetheless.

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