Thursday, February 12, 2015

He Watched Her Play.

"Put my bag over there by the small table. Strip and bring me your collar and leash." 

He didn't like pain. Never liked pain or punishment. His only desire was to serve her, love her, cherish and worship her. Plant his body at her disposal even if it meant that privately there would be times she would inflict some pain on him. He was there to service her, love her, watch her and be owned by her. 

She had planned this night with another. She always had others that she played with publicly. And for months now had one primary that she was training. He needed pain, needed to be broken...she was drawn to give him all he needed. The discovery of what lied beneath the tough exterior of a man always brought the sadistic side of her out. But he had never watched her with another. Was uncertain of the reaction it would cause deep inside him. 

Work had kept him away from her and unexpectedly this night had opened up for him. So he tagged along. To serve. To finally watch. 

He placed her bag on the table and began removing his clothing. It was his first time disrobing in public. Out of the corner of his eyes he could see others busy talking, playing, lost in their own desires. A few were off to the side looking their way. He pushed their faces out of his mind and concentrated on why he was there. To watch. 

Naked, exposed he walked to her with collar and leash in hand and knelt before her. She leaned into him and placed the collar around his neck. The smell of leather from her black leather corset mixed with her own scent drifting from between her legs made his heart yearn for her touch. She clicked the leash to the ring on his collar and pressed his head against her crotch. Her fingers running along his shaved head. 

"Be a good boy and serve me well." She whispered in his ear and kissed his cheek. Then she turned toward the naked man she had tied to the cross before her. 

He soon found that would be the last of her attention towards him for the next few hours. With the exception of taking and handing her whatever implement she desired to use on her boy before her, her focus was on that man and his own heart rushed with longing each time she touched him tenderly between the assaults against his flesh. 

He watched as her hands would gently glide across the cheeks of his ass. Warming them, preparing his flesh for more. 

He watched as her fingers moved from his shoulders down his back leaving a trial of nail impressions behind. 

He watched as she swiftly moved the flogger across his skin as he flinched with each strike and muffled the sound of his pain. 

He watched her press her body firmly against his and reach around to twist his nipples, run her hands along the shaft of his cock and gather his balls into her hand. 

He watched as she whispered into his ear things that caused his body to sigh and surrender even further to her. 

He watched as the intimate scene between them continued to unfold. His mind fighting back his own insecurities that maybe he's not enough for her. He tried not to follow the thoughts that started to compare himself to the one on the cross that had her interest. Did she enjoy touching him more? Was the boy's cock more pleasing to her than his own? His own cock, aroused and yearning for her touch and attention. 

He closed his eyes for a moment trying to center his emotions and felt her hand on his shoulder. She reach for his chin and raised his lowered head. She pressed the flogger into his hand and he exchanged it for the crop. She ran her hand again over his head and down to his cheek. "Soon." She softly whispered and turned her attention back to the boy.

He watched and reminded himself that pleasing her was continually his goal. 

He watched and knew all that was being built up inside her would soon be released on him. 

Content... He watched her play. 


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