Sunday, February 1, 2015

Evidence of Decadence.

"I'm hungry." He said stepping up to me as I leaned my hips against the oven door.

I was a bit slow at first, feeling the warm buzz of the whisky concoction we had been sipping on, but quickly understood he wasn't talking about the pizza. His hand went to my crotch that warmed at his grasp. "I need to taste this, now."

"Mmmmm... that kind of hunger."

He got on his knees before me and undid the belt to my jeans, unzipped and shimmied them slowly over my hips and down my legs. The seductive way he had of undressing me, the sensuality and sexuality that washed over him, changing him to where he became consumed with pleasing me was intoxicating. He stood and his hands touched my sides and moved up gathering my sweater along the way until it was up and over my head. I stood before him in my black lace panties and bra.

"Beautiful...always beautiful".

His mouth was on my mouth, then my cheeks, down my neck until his lips kissed and nibbled my breasts through the lace.

My hands went to his head and gently pushed him back down on his knees. He licked my inner thighs and my hips pushed against his face wanting more of his mouth and wet tongue. He traced my lips through my panties until his saliva was mixing with my juices that flowed easily with anticipation. His tongue flatten and lapped along the drenched lace.

I entwined my fingers through his soft grey streaked hair. Just enough length for me to get a firm grasp. One push of his face against me then brought him back up to his feet. His body sliding up along mine until he reached my mouth and I devoured him with my own lustful hunger.

His kisses were slow and long as if I was a delicacy for him to savor. My hands reached under his sweater and started to gather it to pull over his head. He stepped back grabbing it himself and as he lifted it off I started to unbutton his shirt. He joined in the effort and I turned facing the oven wanting him behind me. I heard the shirt fall to the floor as he got on his knees once more. His tongue and hands worked their way up my legs. I leaned forward and lifted my right leg opening the way to his goal. I easily got lost in his moans and insatiable hunger for my juices. He pressed his face against my cunt and ass as his mouth and tongue explored the depths of his desire. He moved further up my back until standing. I heard his zipper and his pants fall to his feet. I reached behind me and pulled his cock closer until it was between my legs. He placed his hands on my hips and I slowly moved my wet cunt over his shaft and head.

My panties were drenched by now. "Take them off and fuck me baby."

He slid them off and leaned forward against me. His arms reached around and kneaded my breasts through the black lace.  One hand worked on my nipples while the other unlatched the bra allowing my breasts to fall freely. My bra hung on my outstretched arms as his hips continued to slide his cock over the lips of my pussy. The slippery sensation drove my desire for him higher and I clenched my thighs together to heighten the friction. I lifted one arm, then the other and the bra flew across the room. His breath was warm and heavy on the back of my neck as he taunted me with his cock.

"I said fuck me baby!"

"No." He whispered against my ear.


"I want you in our bed." He turned me around. His hands gathered my long hair and pulled me against him. "I need you in our bed. I'm going to fuck you there. "

"You're going to...." His mouth came down hard on mine slightly bruising my lips. His tongue invading my words and almost taking my breath.

"Preheat the oven." His words moved over my lips. The pizza was already in the oven but we hadn't turned it on.

I turned and set the temperature as he kicked off his jeans from around his feet. Now both naked he pressed again against me, his cock moving once more in between my thighs. I smiled thinking I'm getting him now. I relaxed against him enjoying the sensation of his cock sliding along my wet pussy readying it to slip inside. I lifted on my toes for him to gain entrance. That first thrust always causing a sigh from my lips. He entered but only briefly. Three long slow thrusts and he was out again.

"Our bed baby." He growled in a low tone.

He turned me around, two fingers seizing my cunt as he kissed along my neck and up to my mouth before I could express my frustration. His mouth captured mine and his seductive kiss vanquished any objections I had. I needed him inside me. I didn't care where, only that I needed him at that moment. To feel one, to feel full. To feel consumed by his passion. There was only the heat, lust and explosive chemistry that flowed between us. Nothing outside of that existed in that moment.

His hands gathered me up against him and carried me down the hall to our bed. My arms wrapped around his neck, my mouth whispering in his ear what I would do to him once there. To his cock. To his ass. To his mind.

Our clothes left scattered across the kitchen floor. Evidence of our continued decadence.


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