Friday, February 27, 2015

Sweet Red Wine

It was an Italian sweet red wine that we had been sipping on for the past hour as we leisurely laid on the couch exploring each other's body. A large towel had been draped along the cushions. We enjoyed making each other extremely wet. Taking turns burying our faces in between thighs, mouths and tongues licking and drooling over sensitive skin, fingers exploring and penetrating sacred places. Getting lost in each other was always easy. The connection and melting between our bodies, familiar and welcomed after a long work week.

My mouth was dry and the wine was refreshing as it smoothly flowed over my lips and down my throat. My fingers swirled over the fine hairs lining that 'V' that trailed down to his cock. I looked up at his handsome face, his eyes closed, mouth half open in contentment. I tipped the wine glass and slowly poured a few drops into the small crevice of his naval. He flinched but kept his eyes closed. I poured more until it started to run along his cock, balls and drip into the crack of his ass. My tongue quickly licked along his skin and the taste was delightful as he moved reacting to the probing of my mouth. The texture of his flesh was warm and the sweet red wine mixed with his own scent made me want to bury my face deeper into him imprinting his creases onto my face. My nose and mouth followed the trail of wine down to his anus and he moaned as my tongue licked around his sensitive opening. My finger slipped inside him as I continued to lick back up to his ball sack and swirl one ball at a time in my mouth. The sweet aroma and taste continued to arouse my senses. I reached for more wine and drenched him again.  His body always surrendered to whatever pleasure I desired to explore. His head back as far as it could go against the arm of the couch. His mouth fully opened in an "awwww' position. His hands reaching toward me, yet suspended in air.

Still between his legs I looked up at this man lost in arousal. His nerves heightened, his cock hard and bobbing from my slightest touch. The smell of his need mixed with the wine was intoxicating and made me long to feed off of him. To lick, devour and consume every lustful morsel that inhabited his soul.

My tongue licked along his shaft from the base to the tip of it's head. The taste of his pre-cum mixed with wine never forgotten.

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