Thursday, October 2, 2014

Seeing According to Your Thoughts.

It's our brains that see...understanding that makes it easier to also understand that we see the world around us according to our opinions and thought patterns. Our belief system and own code of ethics. What is a sin to some is a source of freedom for another. The problem for many arises when there are so many voices speaking from society telling people what is acceptable and right. What is truth? Whether it's vanilla mainstream or alternatives lifestyles...the question is there. Different opinions of what is right, what is truth. What is acceptable so society keeps functioning and does not breakdown. Whether it's about who can marry, who can adopt, who has final authority over their own lives. It comes down to how people see the world around them. What they consider a safe, comfortable and stable society.

Cultures and different societies live and build according to what they believe. They have their own thought system that has become normal and acceptable in their culture. This effects all aspects of our lives. We bump into it whether its projected in the media, politics, school systems or religions. Sexuality seemly being the taboo subject. As if talking about it will give you STDs! It's the undercurrent that most of us are naturally drawn to, yet the voice of shame still tries to rob us of that joy and pleasure. Secrets are hidden in dark corners or the seemly safe oasis of the alternative lifestyle. 

We all do not 'see' the same! Our thoughts, actions and reactions are the culmination of the world that surrounds us and has taught us what is normal. I know what is important to me. What makes me happy. What triggers me sexually and drives me as a dominant with a submissive man. It's not going to be the same for another female dominant two doors down. Just as not every submissive man is going to trigger that drive in me to 'take him', 'want him', 'own him'. 

Is it impossible to hope for a society that could understand and accept individual thoughts and lives instead of saying, "That's out of my comfort zone, so it must be wrong." ?

We truly all live according to how we 'see' life. We have our own code of ethics, boundaries and limits. I draw to me those who are like minded. 'Like' always attracts 'like'. It makes my life flow better. And for those who can't seem to's really OK. You're welcome in my world as long as we each respect each other's 'seeing'. ;)

~ Vista

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