Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hunger Only Satisfied by What it Craves!

Sexual Hunger! Our body craving satisfaction from what it's stubbornly determined it needs to be filled and satisfied. At times it's strictly a base need as the image above. A need for release, no matter how it's achieved. And sometimes it's for the soul that inhabits a body that you physically crave. Physical release alone would leave you wanting. Only the one who you crave can fill that need and satisfy your desires. 

You hunger for the one who has captured your soul. An appetite has been created and your body craves to feel again the rush of it's first exposure. An awakening rises from deep inside that almost draws tears to the surface when you stop and dwell on it's effect. You become obsessed with how his words fall around, crawl inside and wrap you in brutal sensuality. Your hand pushes him away out of fear of being exposed and laid bare of your armor. 

He has become an addiction to your chemical balance of life. You bring others in to drown out his face and words. But in the throes of what should be ecstasy is only a deep cry for him. You only reach a sliver of fulfillment by closing your eyes, seeing his face and hearing his words. Imagining his heart beating against you; his spirit touching yours and his soul spilling into your own. Their touch reminds you of the hunger only he can satiate. Only that which it craves can calm and satisfy the built up desire that is calling out for his attention. 

He has crawled into every fiber of your being. His words threaten to pierce through your shield and the rawness of your emotions stir and escape without warning before him. 

Much to your dismay and fear your hunger for him only increases each day. Logic reminds you he is only a pause in your journey. But the hunger screams louder, "Enjoy every morsel with no regrets!"

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