Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Finding You Beside Me....

It had been a restless night. The pattern of sleeping alone suddenly disturbed by any minor movements of your body next to me. The intensity of our relationship over the several months since we had met was still swirling through my being leaving trails of questions mixed with arousal on how long would the fire between us burn. "Hush", you would whispered to me at any sign of doubt rising. "Hush, baby, hush", you whispered in my ear and kissed your way back to my questioning mouth. "Hush". Then drawing me tighter into yourself.

Throughout the night I felt you reaching for me, your hands grasping at my breast as you wrapped yourself around me...enclosing me in your desires. Me whispering in your ear, "I want you sleeping inside me."; my words awakening your body to fulfill my hunger for you. Your cock slipping between my legs and finding it's home inside me once again. Me remembering as I back up into your warm body that only a few hours before it was you backing up against me as I took that beautiful ass of yours again.

And now morning has crept into our room threatening to shorten our time together. I slowly rise out of bed so not to disturb you. You continue to sleep in peace. I watch the shadows form and move over you lying naked, sunlight peering through the blinds. I study your half open sleepy mouth and smile at how it lavishly poured out attention from my neck, to my shoulders, breasts, hips and finally along my inner thighs until I pushed your head into me and felt that wet mouth and tongue pressing once more against my pussy. I memorize every part of you as my mouth starts to water and my need to taste you rises to cloud my judgement.

You shift in the bed and reach for me, eyes half open, "Baby?"

"Hush". I respond sliding in beside you. My hand finding it's way to your semi hard cock and warm balls. I wrap my hand around them and gently tug. "Hush, baby. Hush."

Morning can wait.


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