Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Palm of my Hand itches for You.

After some time has passed since we last played I find a hunger rising inside me that eventually reaches the palm of my hand and my flesh starts to crave the touch of your flesh. Memories flash along my mind of your naked, beautiful body bent over in front of me.  Cock and balls harnessed tightly, hanging.  Legs spread wide to give me full view as you stretch your frame along the table beneath you. You wait for my touch wondering if it will be the softness of my hand, a hard stinging slap or the feel of my crop or flogger.  

I stand there behind you, taking your submission in as I slowly breathe to reduce my own excitement. You're still, knowing better than to move without being told.  I let your anticipation build then reach out my right hand and quickly slap your right ass cheek. You jump and then immediately steady yourself again. 

I can still feel your flesh moving beneath my hand.  Watching the redness grow over your skin. Gently touching you, smoothing your skin, tenderly kissing, then you feeling the switch of my flogger against the inside of your thighs. Lightly moving over your balls that hang so vulnerable before me.  Over and over again I repeat the process.

Then when I finally have you stand and face me, you're trembling and your legs are weak. You start to fall towards me and I balance you against my strength.  Your head is bowed down. Your mind is groggy. Your eyes hazy.  

I love having you poured out before me. 

I love my flogger!


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