Thursday, August 28, 2014

Take off Your Insecurities

Your beauty comes more from your soul than the body you train for my viewing. As much as I love to gaze at the results of your efforts, it's the tearing down of your walls that draw me closer to you. I desire to see the questions that form in your eyes as you watch me study every crease and fondle those beautiful balls that hang between your legs. Will they be pulled, teased, tortured tonight? What will I ask of you? What will I require? Will you have a voice or be instructed to silence. Only allowed to have your body speak for you. 

Does it matter? You're here, where you want to be. In a trusted place with one whose only desire is to open you up and make you whole. You want me to reach into your soul and pull out every fear that has kept you from tasting life in a deeper more satisfying way. Facing them one at a time to fully gain the authority that has been yours from birth. Embracing every beautiful quirk and unorthodox wiring according to society's definition. 

Your desire for freedom has brought you to me. Not your savior, but your lamp-holder, shining the light to guide you back to your own path. I love your frame, it's well tended and maintained to bring me pleasure. You easily offer it to me, but I know you hide behind it's beauty thinking it's enough.  

Before you open your body to me, open up your soul. 

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