Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Show me your beauty

 The lovely KP

Show me how lovely you are.  Reveal your secret desires to me. Unfold the hidden images that dance around in your thoughts and forget about your surroundings. I know they are there.  Those thoughts you've hidden from the world.  You've offered me your vulnerability, now close your eyes, breathe and feel life expand with each breath.  Listen to how your breathing changes as your skin responds to each touch of your hand. Softly, then firmly and with purpose your fingers roam over your flesh arousing, teasing as random images start to float in and out of range of your mind's eyes. 

The brush of my breath floats up your neck.  The only sound you hear in a silent room is me whispering in your ear......" Show me....."

~ Vista

I love it when they lose awareness of their surroundings!

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