Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Save the TaTas!

Save the TaTas campaign is a few months away and it's made me think even more about my two lovely girls that bring me such overwhelming joy!  My breasts!  As a young woman I was disappointment many times by men who were not that thrilled with their round, soft, warm and responsive ways. As I've grown into my own I now know that if a man is not thrilled by the girls that dance so beautifully from my chest then they need to keep walking away and find another.  I know not all men are going to be aroused by them and some have little interest, but these girls are directly connected to my clit and if you don't give them the attention they deserve and long to get lost in them, then this body of mine will never fully open to your advances!  My lovers all know this to be a fact!  And they have all served me well.

For me it can be a deep spiritual experience with one I love.  A time of calm, nurturing, building up my lover's strength and an awakening of my desires that must be met.  The beautiful thing about breasts is that their only reason for existence is to feed, comfort and for most women arouse.  I am fortunate to have very sensitive nipples that send erotic rushes trembling through my body and when just suckled for long periods can send me and my partner off into a calm and depth of bonding as no other.

For NB and I it was a away for him to relax and re-connect as a couple.  Especially after a very erotic time of cuckolding. It gave him reassurance that he was mine, my love for him was intact and our bond strong. For many centuries...way back in time... women were wet nurses for those who could not nurse their young and many women nursed their husbands also for their strength and comfort.  Breasts can produce milk even without giving birth to a baby... it's the suckling...supply and demand .. that makes the milk come in.

So as a society, as we seem to be slowly letting go of what is thought of as taboo...let's also come into the knowledge that breasts need to be paid the attention they were made for.  Enjoy the pleasure and gift of what our bodies naturally crave.  As women we really are amazing sexual beings!  We have a clit that it's only reason for existence is to bring us pleasure and breasts that were made for loving!

Save those TaTas!    Suckle them and keep them healthy!  ;)

My TaTas!


  1. I can't think of a more beautiful way to reconnect as a couple after a cuckolding experience. The submissiveness of the man is welcomed by the warm mothering of the breasts and both parts of the couple are fulfilled.

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    1. I love when you roam through my posts..... ;)

      ~ Vista


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