Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Not Any Sub Will Do.

Especially those pesky demons that hold you at bay!  You know they taunt you, condemn you and threaten to expose you!  So bring them along, and expose them, lay them at my feet. I'm not afraid and would love to see them silent before me.  BUT..... In order to do that, you must first know yourself.

Awwww... There's the qualifier! It's not enough that you want to be submissive. That you want to surrender and fantasize what kind of delicious torment I may inflict upon your yielded body. Your desire to surrender to me really is not my trigger!  There are men lined up around the block who want to do that...for themselves.  If they're honest! Your hunger for that, does nothing for me.

What moves me?  It's the torment of your demons that wrestle with you at night when the room is dark and all you can hear is your own breathing.  Images flash across the screen in your mind and try as you might to look away you find your hand sliding up and down along your shaft and give yourself to the orgasm building deep at your base and balls.  Secrets you've not whispered to anyone, let alone a woman. You cum hard and while your seed dries upon your fingers and across your stomach, you turn your head away and mumble to yourself, "That's the last time."  Your statement is weak and your demons laugh once again at your pitiful resolve.

But I see beyond them. Beyond their taunting of you and I look upon the man who longs to live fully and be accepted.  I see your strength and how they try to beat you down in shame.  Come to me. Bring those blowhards to my door and watch them snivel in the corner as I celebrate every decadent part of you.  As I set you free and we both revel in their silence!  The shame they once held over your head as a banner will now become a flag of victory in your hand. Along with me, you will celebrate who you are, how you're wired and find yourself strong, yet weak when my eyes gaze your way.

Now only I will make you tremble. Tremble with the knowledge that nothing is hidden from the one who loves to own you.


  1. " I look upon the man who longs to live fully and be accepted."

    In a nutshell. The acceptance by the Other of the real self, the one that hides behind the false self that most of us show to the world, is part of the joy of BDSM.

    For submissive men, it means an end to the false construct of 'masculinity' that they have been conditioned to believe in and that amputates them emotionally.

    As the psychotherapist Dorothy Hayden points out:

    "Submissives speak of a quality of liberation, freedom, and expansion of self in a scene as a situation similar to the letting down of defensive barriers. They speak of the experience of complete vulnerability. I believe that buried or forzen, is a longing for something...to make possible surrender, a sense of yielding of the false self."


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