Monday, April 28, 2014


The head of his cock was glistening and peaking out of it's foreskin as he knelt before me.

"Stroke it." I directed, leaning back in my chair, legs open enough to give him a slight view of the pussy he craved to devour.

I watched his hand wrap around his shaft and expertly move the foreskin up, over and back down the head, his breathing increasing with each stroke. I could sense from where I was sitting the sensitivity he felt on the underside of his cock as the foreskin brushed against it's stretched flesh. My heart started to beat with each stroke as I felt the blood filling my own sex. Unconsciously my hand went between my legs and began to rub against the swelling lips.

"Look at me." I said in almost a growl as I started to become lost in the scene before me.

He lifted his head until his gaze met mine. I recognized the familiar hazed look in his eyes and the heaviness of his eye lids wanting to close.

"Keep stroking. Slowly."  I insisted as my hands continued to build my own desire.

His thighs were now starting to tremble as I watch his balls rise and tighten. With each brush of his foreskin over his cock head I saw his eyes lids getting heavier and his inner thighs start to twitch. I moved closer to the edge of the chair and with two of my fingers gathered some of the dripping pre-cum that was leaking from his slit and rubbed it over my clit. I heard a low moan brush pass his lips.

I leaned back against my chair still keeping my eyes on him. My god, he's so beautiful, I thought to myself. The shape of his lips as they tighten and moved with his arousal. The veins filling and pulsating through his skin. The sweat starting to bead and run down the crease in his chest.  A little stream leading to my spot of pleasure. The head of his gorgeous cock glistening as pre-cum continued to drip from his opening.

"Come closer." Came the command from the depth of my soul; my hunger for him spilling out exposing my need to posses him.

He was now kneeling with his thighs pressed into mine. His cock and hand brushing against my pussy as he continued to stroke. His pre-cum dripping on me, adding to my wetness. I could feel my clit reaching up to his cock every time it lightly brushed against it. Just enough to tease and bring my nerve endings to a higher degree of sensitivity.  I was there...almost there...I could feel the orgasm building to a peak. I needed his cock buried inside me, but wanted instead to feel his hot cum spill over me.

I grabbed his hand by his wrist that was stroking his cock, and pressed my pussy up onto him. "Cum for me, give me all of you!"

I barely finished speaking when he erupted his hot seed along my lips and mound. "Fuuuccckkkk...." Trailing out of his mouth the whole time. As soon as his seed hit me, an orgasm rumbled through my body, drinking him in; my mind lost in our lust for each other.

After a few moments I pulled him onto me, pressing his face against my breasts.  I held him, my arms tight around him, as our bodies blurred the boundaries between them. Lust and passion wrapped around us. Blocking out the world for the moment.

He thinks he's obsessed with me.  I'm the one obsessed with him.  I need him to keep my heart beating.

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