Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday Eye Candy!

To celebrate Saturdays and that we all need a diversion or two, here are a few of my a favorite Eye Candy today from my tumblr site!

This week flew by for me. I can't believe it's already Saturday!  I do have something I've been working on and hoping to post it Sunday.

Already April, and Spring around the corner, thank god!  Some good things starting to happen in my life...I'll keep you posted as things progress and look solid. Until then as we all wait for the first blush of Spring and heat of Summer here are some lovely images that warm and brighten my day!

The sweat and power that drips from him is delicious! 

Besides a beautiful cock, look at those eyes and lips!  I could get lost!

Cowboys!  They make even me swoon. :)

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