Sunday, March 9, 2014

When the Heart is Owned.


As I journey along in this lifestyle as a single dom I'm finding many submissive men that are into the fantasy of being owned but not understanding what that may mean to the dom. And in my case, what that means to me. I've talked with men who at first seem compatible with my desires but soon it becomes clear that their long held fantasy has more of a hold on them then the reality of following through in real time. The conversation becomes littered with their wants and deepest needs. I do want to know these things. But I also need to know they want to discover the one they are asking to deliver these to them! I have said to some that they need to visit a pro dom if it's really about getting their fix or finding whether something works for them. For me it's not their money I want but their heart! I'm looking for a relationship not a business deal.

I know when I have a man's heart. I can see it in his eyes, feel it in the way he touches me, kisses me and lastly in the words he expresses to me. The language that passes between us is sometimes silent but undeniable. It reflects a knowledge that goes beyond the conscious mind and journeys into an unexplained sense of the other. This is a beauty that develops over an investment of time. The beginning of that hopefully recognized in the first moments of finding the connection that is worthy to pursue.

When that is taking root and he says, "I not only love you, but you own me. Completely.", there is evidence in his actions that backup his words. You can feel the power in his declaration as it leaves his soul. He'll do anything for you.

I've had this before and I'll not settle for less now. This time I want it forever. I've tried to go back to conventional dating; vanilla men...but there is no sense in kidding myself. There is no going back once you've tasted the essence of a man's submission. I need the dominance over his body. The freedom to use and take him at my will knowing how he hungers for each encounter. That diving into his open soul, exposing the darkness he has kept hidden that now spills out in relief to be embrace by one who treasures his secrets.

This I hunger for. This I need completely. This I want to own.


  1. I hear you darling. Wish I could be with you. Don't settle for less. Keep on looking. It will happen. I wish that I could be the one for you but I can not. I wish I could hug you and hold you.

    1. What a wonderful lover you would be my sweet.


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