Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Bored Dominant is Dangerous.

Unhinged!  I am becoming very fond of that word! The longer I go without a primary cuckold in my life, the deeper and stronger my need becomes to take, to control and to make mine! My desire to see that longing in his eyes, the hunger mixed in every breath he takes and the craving for me to make him mine again and again becomes dangerous!  Yes... I'm very bored!  And the one who I finally land on will feel and experience the brunt of this boredom that must be driven out.

It's going to take plenty from that man to satisfy the appetite that has been growing over these last few months. He must come to me with a hunger that will match my own. A power that with every nerve ending within him twitching, he holds back that strength only to lay it at my feet. I must experience and see with every touch of my hand and brush of my lips against him, his body lunging to devour...only to be controlled again. My ears long to hear his shaking need trembling from his lips; begging, howling as his demons rise within him wanting relief. I want him UNHINGED!

Awwww... Just the thought of it makes me feel a bit nourished.  ;)  But... Just a bit!


  1. I feel your want. You deserve to be satisfied. I wish I could be close to you. I would knock on your door, kneel down and tell me how much I want you and want to be devoured by you, hungry for you touch, hungry for your breasts, hungry for your cunt. Use me, bite me, whip me, kiss me. I want to be yours. I need to be yours

    1. Mike, Mike...Mike! You are a source of frustration and joy. But even with the many miles that seperate us, I feel you. Mmmmm Thank you for your hungry words. :)

      ~ Vista


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