Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sometimes, I Just Let Him Explore.......

I had fallen half asleep after hours of touching, fondling, licking, sucking and fucking with NB.  It was late, maybe 1:00 am, the room was warm and the only light was from the street lights outside that were peaking through the crack in the drawn curtains. NB was curled around my back side, his large body covering mine. His warmth was soothing and aided to my drifting off. He still had two fingers inside me, every once in a while moving them to remind us both of their presence. I love falling asleep that way, with either his fingers or cock still warmly snuggled inside.  And he knows that well.

I feel back asleep and then woke to a much fuller presence inside me.  I was still to foggy with sleep to move, but did manage to move my right hand in between NB and my ass to feel he still had his hand and what seemed like more fingers inside me. "Mmmmmmm" ...was all I managed to slip out from between my groggy lips. I debated in my head to stop him, but then enjoying his fullness and knowing how he loves to explore, I gave way to his indulgence. 

I laid there protected by his engulfing body; his warmth, generating through me as his fingers gently explored my most sacred place and he kissed along my back and neck with reverence and adoration.  

One more finger proved to be too much for a pussy that was already tired from use. He backed out all but two fingers leaving them resting inside me as I requested.  Gently he massaged my warm, wet walls as we both eventually drifted off to sleep.

There's a beauty in his exploration of wonder and adoration that I'll always say 'Yes' to.

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