Thursday, February 28, 2013

Transitions and Additional Heat!

This year is proving to be an interesting year so far and it seems to already be filling with many uncertainties. A lot of changes are coming my way in the next few months and NB is going through his own transition...moving across the state into a beautiful new home that eventually, if all goes well, I'll be someday occupying with him. Until then with so many changes ahead, which I dread, I need to find some stability and direction to lean on for this year. I'm a visionary and need some idea where I am headed. And with the time between my visits with NB getting unpredictable, I decided I needed to find a local lover to calm my ever hungry appetite.  Of course NB knows all about this and is supportive.  It relieves him of some measure of guilt, I suppose, in not being as available to me as I would like at the moment.  Also it feeds his cuckold wiring to know I'm looking to find another locally to warm and satisfy my needs.

A few weeks ago I started my hunt and joined a web site I thought would fit my needs.  I'm not looking to replace NB at all.  I love that crazy, kinky man as I've loved no other in the past!  But I need to find someone exciting to occupy my time while we go through the transition this year.  I was overwhelmed with the response to my ad and waded through the 300 + emails I received in the first 48 hrs.  I narrowed it down to 11 possibilities and met with them over the following weeks. I met some really fantastic men, had great conversations and finally after almost giving up hope met one that seems promising.

Taking into account my background and lifestyle it was going to take someone that had a certain erotic curiosity, openness and one that I found physically attractive and drawn to intellectually. (One whose demons would play well with mine.)  When we first met, we sat over coffee for 4 hours.  A very good sign.  We had no idea that much time had past.  We both felt very at home with each other and had many things in common. I'm bringing this up because it looks like he may be around in my life for a while and of course may occasionally be part of this blog, with his full approval.  He is reading through my blog, finds it intriguing and is looking forward to see what will develop as we go along.

For the purposes of this blog I'm calling this new man in my life RT.  It stands for some things we have briefly discussed that he is, at this time, a little reluctant to explore. ;) I think those initials will bring a smile to both of our faces.

Unfortunately he had to go out of town right after we met, but we are using this time apart to get to know each other better through email. And of course this erotic, kinky part of my life is blatantly exposed on my blog!  ;)  Gives us plenty to discuss.

So, welcome RT to my life and whatever experiences we find that we'd like to share here on Sexual Destinies. I'm looking forward to the journey.  


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    1. Thanks! We shall see how it all works. It's always a journey.

      ~ Vista


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