Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Be still!" Taking What is Mine!

I know you're waiting for me. Still warm from the steamy shower, lying on the bed, heart racing a bit, naked and longing to feel my touch.  I approach you, wrapped in a warm soft towel and spread it and myself along your extended body. You start to reach up to embrace me and I stop your hands in mid air.  "No. Be still. Only I get to touch tonight." 

You're mine. My object of desire. My source of sexual arousal and I'm going to explore and use you for my ultimate pleasure this night. I feel your body tense up at first, knowing the self restraint I'm requiring.  We've been down this path before and it's glorious torture for you. I feel your cock twitching beneath my bare cunt and I purposely slide my mound up along your shaft. You can feel the slickness that has already formed along the folds of my labia as I share my desire for you. You close your eyes tight fighting the urge to touch me.  

My hands smooth up your torso, feeling along every line, muscle and curve. I move my body further up until my breasts are against your mouth that has opened instinctively.  I allow you to take each nipple and suckle for just a few moments, then slide my wet sex up against your mouth to taste briefly my desire for you before moving back down along your torso again.  I touch your nipples, gently at first, then twist them a bit, then bite and tease with my tongue while I reach down and stroke your longing, hungry cock. Already pre-cum is dripping from your slit.  

You start to speak, "Shh...".  I put one finger against your lips.  "Shh. Be still I said."  You moan and I smile, knowing I have only just begun.

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