Friday, February 22, 2013

The Sound of His Voice

There is nothing more erotic to me and switches me from a non sexual mood to feeling the moisture starting to accumulate between my legs, then to hear the voice of a very masculine, alpha male who is in charge and in control throughout the day, slipping from that strength into a submissive, vulnerable surrender. And when the man who owns that voice is one you know so well intimately, the change can happen in a matter of mere minutes because you know just what to say to trigger his deepest need.

I've heard NB's voice calm and also stern and authoritative. I've heard him talk with clients, associates, family and servers in a restaurant  It's a confident, assured voice.  One people listen to and are sometimes entertained with.  I know his voice well.  But the voice I love the most, is the one only I hear.  His submissive voice. That one belongs to me and speaks volumes of our bond.

It's a quiet, soft and humble voice.  It speaks of surrender and respect for who we are as a couple. It's bathed in our passion and his knowledge that he has exposed himself to me in the most intimate of ways and the thought of how I know and understand him leaves him vulnerable and transparent in my sight. The simple word, "yes" leaving his lips is pregnant with surrender as his soul reaches out to me and places it's trust in my care.  His body heaving sighs of relief at my touch or the sound of my voice, leaving tension and worry at his feet.  How I love the freedom in his voice as it acknowledges the sensations washing over his frame, freely expressing to the world his pleasure.

Yes... I will never tire of the sound of his voice.



  1. Hello Vista,

    A wonderful and tender post. I liked it very much and relate to it. Especially the intimacy that knows which buttons to press.


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

    1. Thank you Scott. I enjoyed writing it. :)

      ~ Vista


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