Friday, December 28, 2012

The Erotic Wonder of a Submissive Man.

The holidays are behind us, well at least Christmas, with New Years only days away with a fresh start awaiting us all.  Those of us in the USA wait to see if congress let's our nation fall off the 'fiscal cliff' ...our economic future hanging in the balance...but that's another topic.  I'm hoping 2013 is economically better than 2012 was for me and for all!

To create a delicious diversion, I'll move to a far more enjoyable topic...submissive men!  Yes, NB was here over the holidays.  We had 4 days and 3 nights together. It was hit and miss during the day with family obligations, but our 3 evenings were spent together and I had plans for us. The only disappointment was not having the time to create the right atmosphere for NB's first pegging experience! Looking back I think he sabotage those last two nights together on purpose trying to avoid the upcoming event. We have a habit of waking up in the middle of the night, fondling each other and engaging in lustful, erotic love making until we fall a sleep exhausted again. So on Friday & Saturday night after going out for dinner and a few drinks, both nights he fell a sleep on me! I did laughingly accuse him of subconsciously avoiding the pegging that would soon happen no matter how many diversions he throws my way. I'm now on to him!  ;)

But Thursday night!  Awwww... Thursday night it was a wonderful D/s night for us, one I'll willing share with you.

As I mentioned earlier in this blog, I was a bit frustrated with NB.  He loves his work and can get lost in it forgetting anything else exists in the world, including me.  He loses track of days and only focuses on the tasks in front of him. Because I know it's not intentional and only part of his makeup I give him a pass.  But it also gives me, at times, a great platform to inflict some pain and take him to a place I know he needs to go.

NB is a big man.  6'3" with a large frame.  When he enters a room, people take notice because of his commanding presence.  I'm 5'4", small boned and can get lost in his embrace.  (Which I love by the way.) So when this beautiful man undresses before me, lies on the bed and surrenders to bondage...I'm in heaven.

While on his back, I bound his wrists together in rope, and had him lift and spread his legs wide as I proceeded to tie his cocks and balls.  I took my time tying up his balls.  They're large and I gathered them gently to not pinch any part unnecessarily while wrapping the chord around them.  I talked to him as I went along asking how he felt as I wrapped his balls tighter then brought the chord up between his balls separating the two lovely toys before me. With each wrap, his voice became softer, and more compliant.  His body fought between any discomfort and the peaceful surrender that was slowly taking over his mind. After securing his balls, I wrapped his cock and finished the chord in a square knot.  Pretty, all displayed and vulnerable before me.  I played with his balls a little, lightly touching and licking them as my fingers ran along his shaft.

I reached up and tweaked both his nipples, that are oh so sensitive and reached over for my small flogger lying off to the side of the bed. I had him raise his bound wrists above his head and ran the flogger over each nipple then down his stomach, dragging the suede tails down to his waiting cock.

I believe that success in bringing a man into full submission is in knowing him very well.  What triggers him; how to read his body language and even his verbal cues.  NB grows very quite and still, at first at least.  :)  As he pushes his dominate side away to be overtaken by what he truly desires.  Full surrender.  And then there is knowing how to push him further through my own verbiage. Telling him how naughty he has been to go days without contact.  How his forgetfulness makes me suffer and he knows better than to make me suffer.  (Let me say this: In this setting where I know he'll listen, I can say all these things without him becoming defensive. He knows I'm taunting him, yet being truthful and it gives him the opportunity to hang his head in shame over the neglect without having to defend his manhood. It's a dynamic of D/s that serves us both well!)

To increase his submission, after teasing, tweaking, pulling on his nipples, cock and balls while intermittently switching all with my flogger, I have him stand and bend over the bed with his legs spread and ass high in the air.  Now the fun really begins.  And I know he's ready to go a step further.  While leaning on his bound wrists and positioned for me, I start to rub both his cheeks to make my intention and target well known.  I slap them a few times with my hand, reach done and rub his dangling balls and then bring my flogger into play. A few strikes against each cheek, he flinches and steadies himself for the next one. I continue to bring my flogger down upon each cheek, rubbing them and biting them between each strike. Then I move the flogger to his balls, knowing he is ready to handle the sting.

First swipe against his balls brings the first yelp from his mouth.  Lovely!  More swipes, more yelps as I move from cheeks to balls, back and forth with my flogger until his legs begins to shake. I slow down between strikes as he repents and swears not to be neglectful in the future. (I know he will be neglectful, but it's still nice to hear at that moment.)

When I know he's had enough, I have him turn and stand before me. What a delicious sight! This overwhelming presence of a man, trembling and hardly able to stand before me.  Legs trembling, head hanging down, and yet surrounded by a peaceful presence.  My god, but submissive men are so beautiful!!!!!  I'll never get over their surrender.  They almost become childlike. There's an innocence and beauty that touches me deeply.  It's a part of them they rarely are able to experience and expose to another.  It's to me a gift that I treasure.  For NB is all about becoming 'little'.  It becomes almost a burden to him to be seen as an overwhelming presence of a man.  It serves him well in business and life, but there is that need that I believe many powerful men have of just letting down and becoming 'little', vulnerable and putting their full trust in the hands of another.

I have him sit on the edge of the bed and start to unwrap his wrists. Marks are left by the rope that have dug into his skin. I admonish him for not telling me that they were too tight.  He smiles and says he enjoyed the pain. I gently rub the rope marks, kiss his wrists then move to unwrap his tender cock and balls. He says he can still feel the chord after I have removed it and smiles again. (Masochists!)

Then the tender loving aftercare begins. I lie him down on his back and start to crawl up his body and nuzzle mine against his.  He moves his rope marked hands over my body and his fingers find their way inside my wet sex.  We both enjoy the passion as he devours me in his need to serve me and be restored as my lover. Slowly he transforms in his strength and we eventually fall asleep, equals once again.

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  1. It seems like you have a deep grip on the mind of your submissive, and you read his thought-process as though you were watching a your pet in your garden from behind a window, unbeknownst to him, while sipping a cup of coffee - Many women are sensitive to the thoughts of others, but dominant women use it to their advantage. Your submissive is truly lucky to have such a powerful yet indulging Dominant in his life.

    My compliments!

    1. Thank you for your lovely and elegant insight.

      The dynamic between a submissive man and his dominate woman evolves out of the honesty, chemistry and trust that develops between them. The beauty of what is between NB and myself is the genuineness of his submission, which to me is beautiful and the freedom and release it gives him. In return, to me it triggers and validates who I am to him and I become intoxicated with the receiving of the power he releases to me over him.

      Yes, I do have a deep grip on the working of his mind and wiring of his sexual nature because he has surrendered and trusted me with his deepest thoughts and fears. Those treasures I carry deep within me and hold as precious gems of his soul.


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