Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mature Hunks & Shower - Ass play!

This beautiful picture came across my Tumblr dashboard today.  Interesting enough I had been thinking about my ex-sub and a shower scene we had together.  It flashes in my mind most days as I stand in that same shower and remember him joining me. We had met in January of this year...had sporadic communication for a few months, then things got serious in March and plans to meet developed from there. He lived some 1,500 miles away.  Our journey together was short. From January through the end of June.  The distance became the main issue and it ended before my heart was ready to give him up...but I knew if I held on to him longer the pain would eventually be worse.  So ties were cut.  Even at that, it took many months for my heart to begin to feel whole. Our times together were intense and magnificent   Many of my posts during those months are of those times.

He is built much like this man in the picture.  Athletic, lean and mature...early 50's.  His background is Military special ops...Delta Force.  That gives you some idea of the power and mental strength he possesses.  A quiet man, confident and also a switch.  A beautiful combination in my book!  What makes a man like this so beautiful and attractive to me is when he feels safe to finally, for maybe the first time in his life, open up about his deepest needs and becomes vulnerable before you. I probably know things about him that even his family and closest friends don't know.  He gave himself fully over to me and was there for my pleasure and delight.  I remember times when he would be lying naked before me, cock hard, dripping with pre-cum and as I crawled my body along his to take possession of him, in whichever way I chose that time, my heart would start to beat so fast that I'd have to mentally slow myself down to stop myself from just crawling on top of his cock and taking him, throwing whatever scene I had planned to the wind! He was beautiful!

This is an excerpt from my post July 31, 2012 called 'I Crave You'.  "Yes .... I love to walk into the room when you are busy with a task, stop before you, waiting as you slowly look up and I say, "Naked...Now." with that wanton look in my eyes.....And you drop what you are doing, face flushes, you rise and immediately pulled off your shirt, unbutton your jeans and let all clothing drop to the floor around your feet."  I wrote that as I struggled with letting him go in my heart.  He was exactly like that.  I loved that about him.  So compliant.  Always ready to expose himself to me, physically and at times emotionally.  

So... The shower memory.... He had been with me for over a week.  It had been a glorious time together and the day before he had to fly back. Our plans were to spend a leisurely day together showing him some of the sights of where I lived.  He had gone out to my deck as I went for the shower.  I thought he was having coffee, relaxing.  I had just finished rinsing out my freshly shampooed hair when I heard him enter the bathroom.  He dropped his clothing to the floor, pulled the shower curtain back and joined me. My heart, as always started to beat fast.  I grabbed the sponge and soaped up his beautiful frame.  Along his neck, down his chest, back, in between his legs, soaping, rinsing and lastly soaping his luscious ass. His back was to me as he leaned up against the wall.  I saw his right hand move to his cock as I slowly circled his opening and slid one finger inside, leaning my body against his. This beautiful man loved anal play and I was fortunate to be the first to use a strap-on on him. (But's that's another story and some others posts you can find here!)

His right hand slid expertly over his soapy cock as I worked my finger up his canal in search of his prostate. Finding it, I found my own rhythm as I circled and massage him and felt his body move against mine. The steam from the shower mixing with our own, his breathing becoming labored as his seed built up and started to ooze from his slit.  He had never felt 'milked' before and it startled him at first...the odd feeling.  ;) 

"Quick!" He shouted out knowing I would want to take his seed in my mouth and feel it slide down my throat. He moved his body to the right allowing me access to his cock.  He continued to pump hard and then guided his cock into my waiting mouth just in time to feel his explosion as his hand rested on my head.

I take my showers now and look at that wall and can still see him leaning against it. Some memories we don't want to let go of.  Below is a picture taken after I had wrapped him in a body harness made of para chord.  It shows off his lovely tight ass!  Yes... I love all things about mature men.  And the depth of the soul that comes with them. ;)


  1. As a 50+ year old guy, I heartily applaud your attitude!

  2. I am so pleased you do! ;) And loving that you're following me.

    ~ Vista

  3. I've been reading for a while now, and have added you to my blogroll. Also, your Tumblr is pretty good, too.

    1. Wonderful! Tell me your blog so I can follow you!


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