Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Fever and Dominance!

To me the holidays are about re-connecting.  To myself, and to those I choose to fill and share my life.  It's a time of reflection on the past year.  My choices and if I find myself where I thought I would be. I look at what I may need to change to make sure next year starts out on a better footing or what do I need to keep doing and improving on to ensure things continue in a mainly harmonious way.  Some wait until New Years...not me.  I want a plan before that first day dawns!  I want to wake up that morning and know that the day is not happening to me, but that I am happening to it.  ;)  I'm not naive and know that sometimes, life has it's own way.  I make adjustments for that.  But damn if I don't want the upper hand most of the time.

NB will be arriving on Thursday for 5 days. Most of that time here will be split between me and visiting family. We'll both spend Christmas Eve with our families and Christmas day together.  I'm looking forward to a calm and reflective time together.  Spending leisurely evenings, just the two of us, consumed in each other and strengthening our foundation and connection.  As much as we both enjoy having other men involved in our kinky life it will all lose it's appeal if our foundation fades away.  That's my stand and he knows if we fade, so do I and our lives together.

I can feel my dominate nature rising up as the day of his arrival approaches. He's been doing a lot of traveling for business and our communication has been lacking.  I'm feeling the frustration and have plans for our first night together to not do a lot of talking but just having my way with him to deal with and release all that frustration!  I need to feel his surrender, his vulnerability and see his weakness as he is bound before me and watches me use him for my own delight.  Mmmmmm Yes... That will be a good start!

I'm starting to feel better already just thinking about it!  Seduction, passion, lust, wanton energy..... Taking what is MINE!   ;)  Mmmmmmmm

A lot of this......

And a lot of this!!!!!! 


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