Thursday, May 21, 2015

Gladiators and a Secret Quest for Ownership.

Gladiators: Spartacus
Former gladiator and an accomplished military leader was one of the escaped slave leaders in the third Servile War, a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic. There are many claims that he died during the final battle but it's also reported that his body was never found.

Hmmmm. His body was never found......

This lets me spin so many erotic fantasies in my mind. I have this draw toward a man such as Spartacus. A trained gladiator, warrior and military man. I never see myself as a follower/fan of his exploits but as warrior/queen during that time who watched and admired him in his battles in the Roman arena. A woman of her own power who finds in this gladiator; intelligence, creativity, strategic leadership and a raw sexual power that matches her own yet willingly would surrender to her passions and pleasures. That his body was never discovered because he found his way to his queen's bedchamber in the dead of night, laid his weapons at her feet, knelt and bowed his head to the floor saying that only she was worthy of his surrender. There would be no other. Under her protection he lived out his days by her side as her devoted squire by day and lover by night. I like my ending far better than what the truth may be.

Worthy of his surrender. Damn I like the thought of that!


  1. I'm guessing you've watched the series? If not you should :P

    1. I haven't! Not a lot of time for TV... But thinking I need to! ;)

      ~ Vista


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