Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Come and Play Sexy Boy

( CB almost looks like a Christmas card here! )

It had been a while since I had the opportunity to use my strap on. A major draw back in not being in a steady many of the things I enjoy doing are not in play. I love the power exchange that takes place when a man offers up to me that sacred place of his. Especially if it's for the first time. But I'm picky and not every man walking around with this interest to explore is going to be able to draw that lust out of me to take him. There must be a connection formed between us over time and a stirring that he's able to create in me that awakens the desire to posses him. All of him...even if it's only temporary. This was not about building a relationship with someone, this was about having a beautiful, sexy, toned and hungry boy to play with and I knew just who would fit the bill.

CB was coming up on business and had a night free to spend with me. We planned to meet for a light dinner and drinks. He was to wear over that tone, tall frame of his a nice shirt, tight button-fly jeans and slinky panties underneath. He complied and arrived with an anxious and submissive demeanor.

He was fidgety over dinner and in his boyish charm he spoke of idle things as I watched his mouth move, and his eyes give away his anxious mood. As I listened and responded to his banter my right hand moved over his left thigh and found the warmth of his crotch. All I could think about was touching him. Looking at his naked form before me. Examining him. I needed to get him home...soon. Forget soon!  Now!

As soon as he entered my hallway I had him stop and strip. I leaned against the wall, arms casually folded and watched as his clothes were removed and placed in a neat pile on the bench. Now down to those panties I had told him to wear, I left him standing in the living-room while I retreated to the bedroom and changed. A few moments later I emerged wearing a black lace trimmed corset along with the lace thong panties, black thigh highs and black boots I already had on. He stood waiting and when he saw me, his eyes widen and his cock harden without a touch. He was uneasy as I approached him.

"Are you cold?" I placed my right hand under his balls and gently pulled down on the fabric.

"No Miss." He tried to be calm but I could see a slight trembling as my hand moved along the fabric that outlined his erection.

I could almost hear the flooding of thoughts that were racing through his mind. How many nights before this one had he laid awake wondering just what would transpire between us? Which of those many thoughts were now some of the cause of his trembling? Didn't matter....I loved seeing it. God how I love that! I grabbed the oil I had on the counter nearby and poured some in the palm of my hands. He watched my every move as I warmed the oil between them.

"Take them off." He floundered for a brief second then remembering all he had on were the panties, immediately dropped them to the carpet.

"Leave them there and stand still." I instructed him as he started to bend over to pick them up.

I approached him and stopped, standing only a few inches away. He started to reach his hands up as if to touch me, "No." I grabbed his chin and met his eyes with mine. "Stand still. Don't move."

I placed my hands on his shoulders, warm oil coating them as I ran my palms down his arms. "Stand very still." I whispered as I brushed my lips across his. I continued to move my hands along his chest, down his inner thighs, briefly touching the sides of his shaft. His sighs and low moans started increasing as I made my way along behind him. My hands now exploring his back, again his shoulders and arms, then back down to the small of his back.

I reached for more oil, pouring a generous amount into my palm. I pressed the front of my thighs against the back of his, his ass warming just above my mound. I could feel my own wetness increasing and starting to soak the crotch of my panties. I pressed my chest up against his back, my hands traveling around him and down to his cock, his head shiny with pre-cum. The moment my hands touched his shaft he moaned and leaned back against me. I was lost in just feeling the warmth of his skin and the strength of his body when his arms swiftly moved behind him and in-between us. His fingers found their way into my panties; as if my wetness was calling out to them announcing the way.

For a very brief moment I thought of slapping his arms for being disobedient, but hesitated long enough to enjoy the smoothness of his fingers expertly sliding into my pussy and gently kissing her folds with his finger tips. I squeezed the muscles inside her enough to pull his fingers a bit deeper then forced myself to pull away before I made the evening all about him pleasuring me. That would have to wait for another time. Tonight was about owning him. Pulling him into me and taking that sweet ass of his I'd been dreaming about. That thought alone overrode my own need for self pleasure. I had more in store for him, and I had only just begun.

Nice treat for under the tree!

Happy Holidays!


  1. Don't stop there you have me thinking of my wife about to take me. getting me into the position she desires. Slowly lubricating me and her strap on. Teasing my hole with the tip of her cock. Then slowly pressing it into me. I have all I can do to keep from pressing back against her cock to help her enter me. I'm sure you had a good time.

    1. It was a wonderful evening. ;) And of course this post is all about the tease.... Happy it left you wanting more!

      ~ Vista

  2. Great, and with the photos and all. Yes, more please

  3. Delicious.... thanks, Victoria.



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