Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014! I'm Glad You're Here!

2013 was a bumpy ride emotionally and full of a long transition.  I knew going into it that it could go either way for NB and myself.  As uncertain as things looked for us at times, I wouldn't change one bump along the road.  These are the journeys that continue to form our character and lives. But I'm so thankful that year is now behind me!

I have somethings forming in my life that are making 2014 look very promising. Too premature to share them with you now, but will share once I know their place along my journey. 2014 will be full of changes. I'm looking at ways to expand and improve on this blog and I'll keep you updated on personal changes along the way.

Some things I learned in 2013:

1. That two people can love each other deeply, openly and yet feel and realize with grace that their journey together has run it's course.

2. That with a thankful heart we can move forward knowing that who we are today and what we potentially have to offer to another was forged in the fire of what we just walked out of.  I'd not change one thing.

3. That although it seems our heart could never open or want another, that there is someone waiting just for us around the corner. Someone we never knew existed who possesses qualities we never understood we needed.

4. Life has a way of presenting us magic at any age.

May all of our lives this 2014 be filled with the surprise of magic!

~ Vista


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