Wednesday, January 29, 2014

C'mere Pretty Boi.....

I recently acquired a new follower on my Tumblr blog named Stripped Naked. He fills my dashboard with erotic, lustful, naked pics of himself in varying positions. He fires my imagination. ;) He makes my mind race on the things I'd do to him in those positions. He makes my hands want to travel up and down his lovely torso; pull, yank, tease and lick that hungry cock that loves attention. 

I want to know what goes through his mind as he dreams up his next move; his next erotic scene. Does he think about what it does to those who admire his work? 

Keep sending me your soul boi... It makes me want to reach out to you and say, "C'mere Pretty Boi. I want you to feel my appreciation." 

These pics are from the Stripped Naked Tumblr blog. 

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