Thursday, November 28, 2013

What I'm Thankful For.

This!  This right here is the form that always gets my attention. Toned, not bone skinny. No bulging muscles that give me nothing to hold on to and caress when I'm feeling soft.  A form, that in my eyes says 'testosterone' and I want all of it!  A beautiful cock that promises pleasure, fullness and lovely hanging balls!  Dark hair because I like dark things. ;) And eyes that look with passion. He makes me Thankful! 

And also this...

What else makes me Thankful this day are the memories I have of NB and our relationship. Even though I have no idea what the future holds and if we'll ever find our way back together again, as I thought of what I was Thankful for, my mind kept going back to him and his beautiful submission. So setting loss, hurt and heartache aside, I'd like to share the beauty of that submission.

There was nothing pretentious or insincere about NB's submission and his cuckold wiring. It has been deeply rooted since childhood and how it manifested throughout him was the driving force for me in my dominance over him. I am thankful for all the vulnerability he exposed to me; the beauty of his heart and the pleading in his eyes as I would take more and more control of him in ownership. I loved watching the struggle between the Alpha man he was to the world and the little boy inside wanting to be completely owned. Even at times needing desperately to be 'taken' by force. 

Which brings me to his lovely, adorable ass that I loved to prove my ownership as he groan with pain, mixed with pleasure, not sure if he could take more, then after, shyly asking for it again.

Today NB, I choose to be Thankful for you. Many emotions run through me these days, from frustration, anger, disappointment, confusion, sadness...but also softness over all we shared. I am thankful for the beauty of your honest submission to me and pray someday I'll find that again.

~ Vista


  1. Moving, if sad.

    It's heartwarming to see that genuine tenderness can co-exist with dominance. One gets so tired of the stereotypes of D/s, which as you pointed out in a previous post, are all too frequently inauthentic because they are rooted in a patriarchal agenda set by men who don't take the stime to think what *she* actually wants.

    1. Well said Grumpy!

      And you warm my heart that the truth of our style of D/s is coming through on this blog and hopefully will help others to lead authentic relationships and not try to be what they think "they" have told them to be.

      Yes, tenderness can co-exist with dominance. At least with this dom. It's who I am and I know there are many others.

      Thank you, as always, for your well thought out comment.

      ~ Vista


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