Thursday, November 14, 2013

If You Truly Love Me......

...You'll see me as the beautiful, wonderful, creative, sexual creature I am. You'll love my smell, and my taste and hunger to let it linger over your face when you have pleased me time and time again. You'll fantasize while away from me how you'll run your hands and mouth over my silken, firm body, and tenderly worship every crease and sweet fold.

...You'll dream of me while you sleep and wake with your cock hard and longing to feel my wet, warm walls wrapped around your shaft. A place that makes you feel accepted, loved and safe. You'll close your eyes and remember how I bring you life and purpose.  How no other place makes you feel whole, but by being by my side.

...You'll listen to my words as they bring you strength and know that my direction is your compass for life. You'll be my protector when other's try to cause me harm and although you know I can care for myself, you'll defend me to the death.

...If You Truly Love Me.....


  1. Beautifully put. And yes, in the end, sub or dom, kink or vanilla, it's all about love.

    Nice to know that dommes need to feel safe and protected too.

    1. Yes...A universal need and desire. Thank you always for your comments!



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