Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sun and Loving Heat

Have been packing tonight to leave tomorrow to meet with NB for 4 days of sun and loving.  It's been another 6 weeks since I've seen him.  At first I was feeling all dommie and wanting to be very rough and demanding with him.  Now I find myself, as I pack, all soft inside and just wanting to feel him hold me, cuddle me and make sweet love to me.  I was starting to pack some toys, my harness and stopped. I put it all back with the exception of a few pieces of rope.  (You never know when that may come in handy.)  It's going to be very hot where we will be and I feel the greatest need I have from him right now is to connect. Not saying that there will be NO kinky activity over the next few days....But that I'm not packing any extras.

Bringing a small suitcase and planning on swimming naked and laying out in the sun.  :) We'll be at his place that has a very private backyard & pool.

As I jet off, I'm leaving you with these two great pics I found a while back.  Great messages of care and love for the female.  Love it!

Training them young.

And then she proved what comes naturally... ;)

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