Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Underlying Hunger.....

We had been talking for weeks, nothing too steamy in the exchanged emails.  But yet there was something in his words that spoke of hunger. Deep, submissive hunger. He was curious about his submissive side but had not found the right domme to trust with those hidden desires. Yes, his hunger was underlying his words and I had to meet him. 

The time came to meet for coffee and I felt the chemistry burning through me the moment he hug me 'hello'. It was that intangible feeling that runs through you when you know you have meet a match on some level.  We talked for an hour then went back to his place for more privacy and cool drinks on his patio ... it was a hot day.

We were standing in his kitchen drinking our cold drinks making small talk. (I hate small talk by the way.)  I could tell he was a bit nervous so I put my drink down and told him to hold me. That was all that was needed. His mouth started to relax around my lips after the first kiss and I could feel his cock starting to bulge through his pants as I pressed his lower body to mine. My hands started to explore what he had to offer me and before long his clothes were off and in a pile on the floor. Mine were still in place. 

He's a triathlete, so his body is lean and toned. Not really my type. I like my men to have some meat on their bones, but my god...what an amazing cock stood before me attached to that lean frame!  8 1/2" and thick!  I walked around him, examined his ass cheeks that were tight and stood behind him pressing my body against his while I reached around and started to stroke his cock. We eventually made our way back to his bedroom.....he and his hunger following behind me, his cock tightly held in my hand as I led the way.

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