Monday, May 20, 2013

Psychological Power Play

NB will be arriving in a few days to spend a week with me.  It will be two months since we've seen each other by the time he arrives.  Longer than I like to be apart. We have talked of doing many things while he is here, the most important, re-connecting.  That first night will have us getting very little sleep as we tend to wake up and explore each other during the night.  NB's favorite thing to do besides having his cock inside me while he sleeps is having his fingers resting in my ass.  ;) Something he has always done from the beginning.  And something I've always enjoyed and allowed him to do.  It's a form of ownership I give him as a trade-off on the many things I require of him.

But the point of this post is to talk about the psychological erotic aspect of our relationship which is a driving force for us both.  It really is the ingredient that holds much of our D/s relationship together. Also being a cuckold couple this plays highly into our dynamic. Having knowledge of NB's most secret desires, wants and needs and knowing how to trigger and release those in even a greater way than he ever thought was possible is something that I need and find highly intoxicating.  I do believe I understand that aspect of our relationship far better than NB. And we are both comfortable with that.  He doesn't have the need to understand the 'why' as much as I do. He just revels in it.  I'm the planner, the networker and negotiator of anyone who may come into our life.  I'm also his protector and anchor.

The cartoon above says many things and can be taken in a few ways.  At first when I saw it I immediately associated it's meaning as a psychological trigger for the man on the couch and that for me, it would be great joy to actually be naked and act as if I was clothed to see if he really could distinguish between reality and fantasy.  Then I also saw that she could be clothed and realizes by his reaction that his fantasies have over taken his reality, again. Which ever truth it is...her understanding of his triggers and the images he fights gives her great control over his psyche.  :)  Something he willing relinquishes to her. A win-win power play.

And speaking of power play, I'll end with this last image.  The joy I receive in seeing NB fully surrendered to me ...Yes, it's been far to long in between visits!

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