Monday, April 8, 2013

Yes I Can...No He Can't!

Is it fair that I can have any man I find enticing and NB must always and forever be faithful to me? Probably not to most people, but alas, we are not most people!  It's very fair to me because we both get what we want. NB has no desire for another woman.  He needs to be in love, sexually stimulated, addicted and with a woman who can fulfill and challenge his desires.  I need a man who loves my drive, passion, need to be in charge, allows me freedom to explore others when the opportunity arises, challenges my mind and loves me as I love him with all my heart. I need the thrill of seeing how crazy he gets thinking of another man bringing me pleasure and sharing all those lovely details with him as he ravishes my body.  He also understands that he is the one who satisfies my soul and heart.

The thought of NB being with another woman makes me go very primal.  You don't want to see that. That man belongs to me.  I alone decide where his sexual pleasure comes from.  I have invested my life and heart into him, he is my best friend and I own him through and through.  Every other woman pales in comparison of what we have together and I plan on keeping it that way.

Our lives are erotic, complicated and ever growing and increasing in what we desire to explore and learn together. So is it fair that he must always be faithful while I am able to roam at my pleasure? Yes...very fair.  It is what we both need.  And that is what really matters.  Us.


  1. I totally get this. Though Lo thinks that I look with desire upon other women (we live a blessedly good-looking city), the truth is I just admire and have no longing to stray. She satisfies my every need and then some. I satisfy her desire to be desired (by me and others) and remarkably it all works out. That is luck! Just two star entangled lovers (and a few more on the side for her, right?).

    1. Right! It is lovely to be so evenly matched! NB and I consider ourselves very fortunate as I know you two do also. ;)

      ~ Vista


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