Monday, April 22, 2013

Three Frantic People - Guy New York

Every once in a while I post a short story from Guy New York over at "Quickies in New York". They are fun, erotic gems and I love his work. Enjoy! You can find Guy on My Blog List!


Three Frantic People.

I was a stunt cock. Or maybe I was a dream that came and went in a drunken blur of smashing bodies. Either way it was ephemeral to the extent that I didn’t even feel guilty about it the next morning.

I wandered in far too late for anyone to be up, but they were naked in bed and ready. He tore my clothes off my body, and I climbed in with her between us. She curled up against me and for a few moments I thought sleep was more inevitable than anything else.

“You can come closer,” she whispered, breaking my doubts in half.

In my blurry memory it was only seconds later that I had a condom on and was between her legs. He was in her mouth and she was moaning and writhing on the bed like a shadow in the dark. I could hardly see myself thrusting inside her, but it didn’t matter. We were three frantic people fucking our brains out at two in the morning, and the last thing we cared about was what it looked like.

When I came it was sudden. I bit my lip and thrust so deeply inside her that she screamed. I scratched her thigh with my nails and pulled her hips down against me. She didn’t stop sucking, and he didn’t once let go of her hair. When I finally calmed down enough to climb behind her I watched in amazement as his movements grew faster. I reached a hand out to his ass and pulled him to her, straining in the dark to see her lips take him in.

He leaned down to kiss me just as he started to come, and all three of us held our breaths. Her hand was a blur, and at the last moment she let him go and we watched him cover her neck and shoulder. I kissed her hair as his moans quieted, and moments later he collapsed against her body.

As we lay there in the dark, barely on this side of sleep, I saw her smile in the dim light of the city streets.

I kissed her again and closed my eyes.
Guy New York

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