Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sometimes I just Need to Hurt You!

And I mean physically, psychologically and emotionally. Being in a long distance relationship can have its dark moments.

I love NB and I hate how his work can consume him.  He works hard and I appreciate that and I do have the freedom to find others to fill some of my time while he is away.  But it's not the same as when he is with me to share in whatever I wish to share with him in person. We text, email and talk on the phone while he is gone, but if the time between our visits is too great I feel this overwhelming desire to tie him down and take all my frustrations out on him.  I want to lash out at him for having my heart so completely!  Make him suffer as I suffer when it's been too long since I've felt his skin against mine.  Too long since I felt his deep, passionate kiss, the silky touch of his hands and fingers. The crazed look and overwhelming desire for me that comes over him as I share some details of my latest adventure.  Waking up in the middle of the night with his arms around me and cock buried inside me.  We are addicted to each other.  And so deeply connected that he can feel when I'm at that dark edge without me saying a word.

His text tonight: "I need to come up sooner than expected."  I wanted to reach through the phone and wring his cuckold neck!  My response:  "Yes! Like yesterday!"  Confirming to him that I'm pacing the floor and needing to do him harm.  Which I still may do when he finally gets his lovely ass up here!  I do love how willingly he surrenders.  We will both be satisfied and extremely happy once he arrives!

I want this room and this bed!  Yes, I need this now!

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