Saturday, June 23, 2012

Give Me Everything!

I look at this picture, which I found on tumblr today (go to my tumblr account: ..... also listed on the right top corner of this blog. ) ... and I see a beautiful picture of sweet surrender, pleasure and pain all mixed in a delicious blend for my erotic appetite!

Although I like to see the ropes a little tighter (leaving some tail signs of their work left on his skin when removed) for the beauty of this picture it works.  Ass and chest lifted up and leaning back upon the chair as the top of the chair slightly digs into his back.

I can hear the conversation...... "I'd like a picture of the work we've done today pet, so I'll need you to lift your ass up...thrusting your hips toward the ceiling, balancing yourself on the chair...very nice."

I run my hands along the back of his thighs, up along his curved buttocks, feeling the muscles tense and harden as he fights to keep still. Now my fingers gently trace along his stomach, up along his pectorals and find their way along his elongated throat.

"Hold it right there pet." I whisper in his ear.  He twitches, fighting sensations in the nerve endings my breath awakens.

My fingers run down from his shoulders to his bound hands and I step back taking the fullness of the sight into my soul.

His face is a lovely mixture of control, surrender, pain and pleasure.  The pleasure stemming from the intimate knowledge that his complete surrender pleases me. He trust me with all his vulnerabilities. He's free in my presence to explores his deepest needs. His darkest places.

I snap a few pictures. Beautiful. His surrender locked for all eternity.

"You may sit now pet."

He sighs and lowers himself down to the cold hard seat. He bows his head to relax the muscles in his neck.

"Keep your head bowed pet."

His breathing picks up as he hears me walk towards him. The warmth between my legs increases, wet, ready....We've only just begun to play.

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