Friday, June 1, 2012

Tie Me Up! ~ I think....

Being the mistress in our D/s relationship I am mainly the one tying up my lovely submissive. I adore seeing him bound...whether spread eagle across the bed or bound in a body harness standing helpless before me, blindfolded, cock and balls tied and him at my mercy. He is always willing and obedient. Makes me swoon. :)  But there are times when I want him to 'take me'!  It's an agreement we have that he can, at times, take his 15% to have his way with me. It works for me.  I can get bored being the one 'in charged' all the time and coming up with what we are going to do. I trust him and feel comfortable enough with him to just surrender...When in the mood. :)

We have talked about him tying me up, blindfolding me etc.  All of my life I have been very uncomfortable with being restrained. Especially my wrists restrained. I don't even wear a watch and rarely a bracelet because I don't like the feeling of something around my wrists. I know...I enjoy him restrained...very much...go figure! I've tried to find why I have this reaction...haven't found the 'why' yet.

So.. a few days ago, in fact the night after I had had him restrained, spread eagled and blindfolded on the bed and enjoyed his submission, he decided it was his turn to enjoy his 15%.  I agreed.  He did deserve his turn and I was definitely in the mood to just let him take charge.  He had that wonderful 'evil look' in his eyes that I knew I would enjoy whatever he had in mind.

Let me preface by saying he had restrained me in the past. I had been standing, in a body harness with my wrists and ankles bound, not blindfolded, as he filled my senses with his touch and teasing. So when he brought out the cuffs that I had used the night before on him to restrain my naked body to the bed...I was ok. Heart only beating with anticipation of pleasure as he attached the cuffs to my wrists and ankles. So good.

Then he brought out the silk blindfold and gently, lovingly lifted my head and tied it securely. Still...ok.

THEN he turned me onto my stomach.  My heart started to pick up its pace feeling the vulnerability of not only being blindfolded but now face down on the bed. 

Right hand was bound to the bed.  Keeping in mind that my legs are still free.  Heart beat increases and logic seems to be slipping away. As he secures my left hand to the bed all logic slips away, blood rushes through my body and panic sets in...quickly!

I yelled, "I can't do it!" I don't remember what else I yelled, but it didn't matter.  He immediately released my left hand and I yanked the blindfold off my eyes. I'm thankful he is an expert at 'quick release' knots!

The next few minutes are a blur to me but we were both laughing out of shock but also because of the panic that had quickly overtaken me. With anyone else there would not have been laughter, but with my submissive and the trust we have I knew I was in good safe hands. It killed the rest of the night for time was definitely over.  He held me, we talked and eventually went to sleep.

The next day the whole experience bothered me!  For many reasons. First I had great admiration for those submissives that so easily surrender to those that they serve. But what first bothered me was finding out this hard limit of mine. Knowing that we all have our limits. But the main thing was knowing that I could go from pleasure to panic so quickly. We had joked the night before that I would make a terrible spy! I'd give up information at the first sign of restraints and blindfolds...immediately!

Still the fact of knowing this vulnerability of mine, which I had wondered if it truly existed, was now a reality did not sit well with this mistress!  So when my submissive returned home that next day I had my plan.  Inch by inch he would bind me a little at a time until I conquered my fear and panic no longer was a result.

So the journey begins.  Which I know he'll enjoy and so will I ... I trust him. It may take a will be an adventure!

To all you lovely submissives who love to be bound, blindfolded and restrained in many hat is bowed to you.  Great respect from this mistress who loves to bind you. Your gift is even more enjoyable and precious to me now!

Below is a lovely pic of binding that thrills me...for him!


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