Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Finding Your Sexual Way - Unzipped.

There is a very marvelous book out by Brian Alexander titled: America Unzipped.  I recommend you read it.  I have a link for you below.  In his book, published December 2008,  he even visited Seattle and our own little sex positive community center!  So proud!!! :)

But really...here is why it is so important for you to read Brian's book and also a good lead off on this blog. It's time for America to learn and be honest about who we are sexually to be healthy!  Brian's book covers the America most people don't even know exists or refuses to discuss.  Could really that nice lady at the grocery store checking out your foods items be a Domme on weekends hosting BDSM parties for close friends at her house?  We hear of politicians being busted for kinky behavior, but what about your accountant or law clerk or CEO! Let's all take a BIG DEEP breath, exhale, sit back and accept that we are sexual beings and through openness and communication we can find our way in this sexually charged maze!

Sexual Destinies is here to keep you informed and allowing you a place for discussions and questions to bring freedom to your life.  We will be providing resources and research on anything to do with sexuality and how the markings of our childhood determine the Life Road Map we are drawn to follow.

America... get healthy!!! Get and read Brian's book: America Unzipped and bookmark this Blog!


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