Thursday, March 22, 2012

Behind the Whip: Book Review

Maria Coletsis from Vancouver, traveled around the world to create Behind the Whip: Dominatrix Portraits and Words.  Here you'll find a book full of photos and interviews with strong, adventurous women that are part of the rich and varied sexuality of a multi-racial group. Behind the Whip reveals the human women behind the glamorous images who work with pain and pleasure.

Maria set out to document how the contemporary dominatrix is seen by her clients.  This blog, Sexual Destinies, is about finding how we are sexually wired and why.  This book, Behind the Whip, runs along the same train of thought in exploring how clients come to a dominatrix to really find themselves and release some of the burdens and stress of their lives.   They find a place where they can reveal their deepest desires without shame or ridicule. Clients find acceptance, a balance of power, therapy and role playing of some of their fondest fantasies.

The words of these women and their photographs will provide a fascinating background to the appeal of the domination and reinforce the idea that they are more than mere providers of glamorous erotic fantasy.

Inside each book is a hidden treasure - a DVD with a 28-minute documentary film about the making of the book. It's possible to buy the book on its own from stores, but order online and get the DVD as well!

Behind the Whip book and DVD costs $39.95.  You may view a video trailer and order the book at

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