Friday, December 26, 2014

When Your Power Flows to Me.

I approach our bedroom and pause before I enter. You're kneeling on the bed on all fours with ass beautifully position for the taking. You've been patiently waiting as I finished up some writing knowing it always takes longer than I had imagined. What was suppose to be 15 minutes at the most turned into an hour. Not a word from you and I wonder what has been playing in your mind while you knelt in preparation. Was it the thoughts of how many other times you had to wait and then what followed as I finally arrived?

I walk over to the bed and pick up my harness that's lying to your left. I hear you sigh and watch a shudder dance across your skin as you hear me slide it on and pull the leather straps through the rings. Before the final tightening I insert the cock you have advanced to. The biggest one you've handled. It's been lying to your left above your head but within sight. Has it been calling out to you with memories...I wonder.

Harness and cock secured, I grab some oil and dribble it along your spine down to the crack in your ass, then catch it as it falls and begin to warm your balls and cock with my hands. I crawl up along your back and you can feel the hardness of my cock pressing against you.

"Tell me boy, what have you been thinking while you've been waiting?" I whisper in your left ear. My tongue circling around it's borders; my warm breath sending shivers down your spine.

"You Miss. I've been thinking about you Miss."


"And what you want to do to me."

I press my hips harder against you, the base of my cock pushing against your opening. "And what do I want from you boy? Tell me clearly."

"You want my strength Miss. You want to fuck me and take what belongs to you." Even now I can hear the trepidation in your voice. I know the anticipation has been building. Anxiety and apprehension heightening your sensations.

I lift up and now only my free falling breasts brush against your back. I move them back and forth in the midst of the oil. Enjoying the warm slick feeling between us. Your body finds its own rhythm and your ass reaches up to me in hunger. I feel your surrender start to flow. I move back, my hands following your beautiful lines down to your round cheeks. My thighs now pressed against yours, I take more oil pouring it down your crack and some along the head and shaft of my cock. My thumb presses against your opening. You lift up to reach it and I hear you whisper something.

"Yes boy? You said something?" My cock now teasing your hole.

"Please Miss. Please fuck me." There's moaning mixed in with your words.

One push and the tip pops in. You sigh and take a deep breath. I pour more oil along the shaft. "Come to me boy. Bring yourself to me."

I place my hands along your cheeks and open you wider. You grab the sheets in front of you for balance and gingerly push yourself down engulfing the cock. I wait for a moment letting your muscles relax against the invading object. Then slowly I start to move. In. Out. Building the sensation that begins to resonate through your body. I lean against you and reach around to grab your hardening cock. My hips and thighs rocking, my upper body barely touching you but enough that you feel my breasts brushing your back with each of my movements. My mouth only a few inches from your ear. Your body melting into mine. I sense your total surrender.

"You're a greedy little bitch, aren't you boy." You only respond with more moaning. Finally a "Fuck, yes Miss." Slips through your lips.

As I feel the heat increasing from your body and the slickness from your pre-cum sliding along my hand as it moves along your cock, I take in the power you release to me with your surrender. With each push into your inner regions I own more of you. Mark more of you. Understand and thrive off of you. I kiss the back of your neck before taking it in my hand and bring your head back to touch my mouth.

"Yes. A fucking greedy little bitch, but you're mine."


  1. What a beautiful description of total submission. My Mistress takes my slut hole in many positions and loves to tease me with her "cock". She will enter me with just the tip then pull out making me beg for her to fuck my slut hole. Each time entering me a little deeper and pulling out, taking me deeper into sub space and begging and pleading for her to fuck me and make me hers.

    1. Perfect! Beautiful! Thank you for following!

      ~ Vista


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