Sunday, February 9, 2014

Haunted by Your Demons.

As the music swirls, warming my mind and the alcohol fills, warming my body, 
I sit and remember when.....

They know me. They know me by name, by smell and by sight. The demons that lie in the dark crevices of your soul.  I try to move on from you, from them and as I think some distance has been accomplished on my part, I feel them tugging at my spirit. Telling me I'll never be happy with another. Telling me I'll always long for your submission, lust and deep desires. 

Is it possible that there is another who I will know intuitively as I did you? You said I had cast a spell on you. That I lived inside your head and knew your deepest desires better than yourself. That I said things and did things so easily, so naturally that reached into parts of you that had never been touched by another. I couldn't explain it. I just knew you. I somehow had knowledge of things no one had told me, yet I knew they were there, woven inside you; affecting you, influencing you and your sexuality. I understood how those desires touched you and sang to you in your sleep. 

They admired me, respected me and listened as I took control of them and made them serve me as I used them to taunt and pleasure you. Then after, I would nurture and sooth you. Proving to you that I and I alone owned you. In that, you owned me also. For I had become addicted to your flesh melting into my own and the look in your eyes that opened wide the widows of your soul. 

Will there be another that will dance with me so effortlessly and share unspoken secrets through our touch? 

I'm haunted by you and your demons that are imprinted on my soul and flesh.  

Shhh ... Don't speak.  I already hear you.

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