Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Art of Man ~ Saturday Eye Candy!

By now all of you are acutely aware that I absolutely love the form of a man. Especially if it has been toned and well cared for. For centuries women have been the object of desires and objectified. What I find wonderful in my life are the men who truly want to feel that kind of objectification.  It's a thrill for me to restrain them, display their nakedness spread eagle before me and have them wait to see what I'll do with them. The desire, hunger and vulnerability that washes over them is not to be taken lightly. For them to feel admired, their cock and balls adored, body appreciated and see their confidence swell is something most men are not exposed to, let alone hear from a woman.

This may not be the case for some. But for the many men I've met, talked to and had as lovers, this is a common theme. Of course, I'm mainly talking about men with a submissive streak. Male doms have their own way of commanding attention.  :)

So for all you lovely, beautiful sub and switch men out there who feel taken for granted or under appreciated, stop by from time to time here at my blog and know this dom admires all that you are.

And for all the women who feel the same as I do...enjoy the Eye Candy!



  1. I know that this is an old post, but I wanted to say that I really, really liked it! It perfectly reflects on own thoughts and feelings on the matter. I very much share your inclinations. Here's to more objectification of the male form by us women as society evolves and becomes more female oriented (and dare I hope, dominated).

    Michelle (


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