Monday, September 2, 2013

The Art of Kissing

Kissing. Two mouths coming together, two pairs of lips touching, exploring. When you kiss me, invite me in; tenderly; warmly. Let your passion and hunger for me speak, awaken and then stir my hunger for you. Your lips are not hard and pursed, but soft and slightly open telling me of your desire for me. You don't aggressively take me, gnashing your teeth against mine, but follow my pace and build upon my own desire for you until our bodies are pressed against each other; your cock, caught as wedged wood between us and my wet pussy grinding against your leg. Limbs wrapped tightly around our bodies, pressing, rubbing, yet holding back penetration until the kissing has my pussy fucking anything flesh it is touching and the slit of your cock is heavily dripping pre-cum as your seed begs for release.

When we do finally allow our aching hunger to be satisfied through deep penetration, we break for only a moment to take in the sensation of fulfillment and resume again. Kiss me in this way...always.


  1. Nice piece.

    It's good to show that F/m is not all about brutality and humiliation.

    1. :) Thank you. A kiss tells so much about a man. And a man that knows how to kiss in this a man to hold on to.



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